growing tendency for information reviews to indicate that threat is bad and risk management has failed. In truth, neither of those reports is correct. Organizations should discuss the risks that they face because lots of them should undertake excessive-risk activities, either due to the fact those sports cannot be prevented or due to the fact the activities are undertaken to produce an advantageous final result for the corporation and its stakeholders.

The global financial crisis does not prove the failure of risk management, but rather the failure of the management of organizations to successfully address the risks that they faced. Achieving benefits from risk management requires the carefully planned implementation of the risk management process in the organization, as well as the design and successful embedding of a suitable and sufficient risk management framework.

By setting out an integrated approach to risk management, this web describes the fundamental components of successful management of business/corporate risks. It describes a wealth of risk management tools and techniques and provides information on the successful delivery of an integrated and enterprise-wide approach to risk management.

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